How to Make a Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

you hey what’s up guys Tim here got another 2:12 for you today and we’re doing the mad max-style snake not so as you can see it’s just a snake not that is more or less done with a knot loop but done slightly differently so it is adjustable like the Mad Max style Cobra stitch that got a lot of popularity ever since Mad Max fury road came out so this is the original one that we did for the Salomon knot or Cobra stitch now we’re doing the snake knot okay so as you can see it’s basically the same it works on the kind of same principle of it being adjustable in this how you tighten and loosen the bracelet around your wrist so that being said let’s get into the tutorial alright guys ago my paracord ready here and brettly starting with eight feet but i will annotate the exact amount and measurement that i use so the way we’re going to start this snake knob bracelet it’s pretty much the same method as you would do a regular knot loop snake not Howard just with some slightly different technique we are tying the single snake mount version which is slightly different from the original method taught by JD at tying it all together okay so to start out we’re going to tie a single snake knot and if you’re a lot of you guys are already familiar with this knot by now just to review take the left strand make a loop behind the right strand like this okay and then we’re going to take a strand on the right put behind one on the left like so pull this through then we’re going to put it through go in front put it through this loop here like that and then we’re going to pull this almost shut so now if you were doing the regular snake not you would do you know the half-inch loop here but because we’re doing the adjustable kind of mad max-style snake not gonna make this really as small as possible and one little trick you can do is because if you keep pulling this not all the way that way it’ll come undone you want to just take your two cords because this is essentially what we’re gonna be doing later take your two cords just feed them through halfway like this now you can kind of just cinch everything tight as much as you can without the not undoing you can kind of get an idea you want to get this as tight as possible because if you don’t the the bracelet will not stay tight around your wrist okay so same just kind of loosening it and then tightening it again I’m going to go about that much okay so I think that’s as much as we can go like that okay so now we have this that’s what we’re going to be doing later basically so now I want to take these out and you’ll work those back in later with a fit or something might be a little difficult just pull everything out see that’s how it basically small you want the loop so now from here we’re just going to continue tying our single snake knots okay we’re gonna continue time single setting us all the way down just show you one more time loop left loop behind the right strand this one goes behind and we’re just going to pull it through here it this is confusing at all you can check out my original my previous thing not tutorial actually did one just recently okay like that you want to pull these as tight as possible so now we’re just going to continue tying our single snake knots like so alright and I’m just going to continue going down and you want to tie to your desired length and then I’ll show you how to finish it off okay so as you can see I’ve woven my entire length of my bracelet here the snake not now we’re going to go back to that little tiny loop we created here you’re going to need your fit for this make it a lot easier so we’re going to screw my fit on here like so and then now you can see where we’re going with this we’re going to feed both strands through the loop here okay so I’m going to go through here it’s one strand that now we’re going to take second strand scrutiny fit on and then we’re going to go through right next to it and that’s why you want to keep I’m going to try to keep this loop as small as possible because if it’s too large you won’t have that kind of friction to keep the bracelet shut this is okay I think it kind of made it a little tighter but I did push the strands through once all ready to test it maybe that might have widened it a little bit okay so now we have our strands through you can guess what we’re going to do next here we’re going to we’re going to tie the Diamond knot right about here okay so from here I’m going to tie my diamond knot I’m going to go through this relatively quickly because I do have a dedicated to tour for that so create a loop like this strand underneath over under over make our Carrick’s Bend like so I’m going to push this strand through here through pull that one through here so I know that was super quick but again consult my dedicated stopper knot tutorial for that you don’t know how to tie it already okay so I’m gonna pull this shut like that so this is a bit large or sorry I’m too much slack I’m going to move the knot I mean if I compared to my my original one it’s not too bad I mean I just need to move it maybe down a little bit so I’m going to shift my knot maybe to about here let me about right here and I’m gonna snip in singe and it’ll be finished alright and then we have a guys I’m done as you can see here I snipped and singed my excess paracord I made left about about a couple inches of space here so I can get the bracelet on and off as you can see I have pretty much just the right amount of tension it could be a little tighter but that’s how this one ended up but it still does work and it will stay on and that is the Mad Max style adjustable snake knot okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial I’ve have any comments or questions please do leave them down below I’ll get back to soon as I can and if there’s anything you’re unsure of just do the big question and I’ll do my best to answer and help you out okay so I will annotate any and all related videos at the very end of this video so you can check those out as well and that’s about it so I’ll see you guys on the next video and thank you for watching bye you you you you you

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