Make a Nautical Style Paracord Bracelet

Hey everybody Today I want to show you a super easy nautical style bracelet with this fish hook closure real easy. I only have about two feet of cord here you can knock these out pretty quick so the first thing we’re going to do is take our fish hook and it has an eyelet. Here we’re just going to run the paracord through the eyelet right to the center of the paracord so grab hold of your two ends and then just pull and it puts it right at the end. Now we’re going to put this on your wrist or whoever’s you’re making this for let’s go this way so I can wrap it around here. And then you’re going to hook the paracord through there just like that now you want to pull this tight. And what’s going to happen it’s going to cinch down on here as you pull it and you can make this as tight or as loose as you want.

So I want this to fit a little loose so what you can do is once you pull it tight just back it up a little bit and we’re going to go about right there and I want to measure let me move this so you can see this I want to measure about an inch back from where you want it to sit so from the hook and as you’re back about an inch and then pinch that and remove from the hook.

And this is probably the hardest part because you have that hook you have to worry about and you can either go ahead right away and cut it or you can mark it with a pen and I’m just putting some real light marks on here because this pin doesn’t seem to be working there goes all right well once I have those measured going to cut these just like that and we’re also going to melt these right away and what I want to do with this melt is basically just heat up the ends of these so that they’re nice and smooth all by themselves without burning so you want to do it with real low with real light heat so that does it very gradually it’s a little difficult on this with all these lights surrounding me because I cannot see you what I’m doing I can’t see where the flame is there we go all right I think that’s going to work see how those are kind of rounded over you see if I can zoom in on this for you here there we go you can kind of see how they’re nice and rounded and that’s so that they don’t affect your wrist while you’re wearing it so it doesn’t kind of here take your wrist so let’s back this out a little bit those are probably cool enough to touch now yeah they are and now what we need to do is this is going to make our bracelet like this so you have two options you can have your well I guess it doesn’t matter which way you do it because if you flip the flip it over yeah you can do it either way so I’ll show you what I mean when we get to that point so what we’re going to do here is we’re just going to flip the cords over like this and we’re only going to go down to that inch mark because the hook is the hook has to go through here so once you get to that point that’s when we take our micro cord and I just have some neon yellow here and we’re going to take off a good amount probably a foot and a half I would think because what we’re going to end up doing is wrapping this around about ten times and doing what we call a constrict or not so I’m taking about I don’t know 16 17 inches off of here and we’re just kind of playing this by ear I didn’t do this when I was practicing so let’s see and then we’re just going to hit it with a little bit of gentle heat right at the end so it doesn’t fray on us so again we’re going to fold this over so that we have two loops here and you only want to go down as far as you measured from the from the hook that you’re using and you can use all kinds of hooks you can use a fish hook and anchor I’ve seen an arrowhead that people have been using those look really cool but there’s all kinds of them that you can use okay so I think that’s about where it needs to be that one’s a little too long yep a little too long and once you get that set up oh let’s just fight me the whole way all right let’s do this again fold that over okay there we go so we want to do is take our cord about two inches past the end of the paracord just like this using name for you and you want to go to the other side and we’re just going to wrap this back toward the other end and let me put a fit in here I think a fydd might help me when I go to feed it back through so I’m just going to lay a fydd right on top so that it creates a gap when I feed the cord back through and you’ll see what I’m talking about here in a minute so we’re just going to wrap this around and now that I have the fit in there I can wrap pretty tightly so that was was that five so we’ll do we’re going to do we’re going to try to squeeze ten on here we’re going to go give you a little closer to the end see I just had to let go of everything there okay so we’ll try and get 10 in here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I think 8 is going to be about it because I still have to go through the center with this so I’m going to remove the fit now which will create kind of a gap at the top for me where I can feed this through yep see how easy that was I have to remember that one and then all that you need to do is pull these these two ends here and as you pull it tightens it right up it looks like we might have a couple crossed cords back here which you can fix pretty easily just by figuring out where each one of these cords go that’s pretty close I’m just going to continue to pull and you want to pull these real tight there we go now if you need to make any adjustments because I’m not sure that this hook is going to fit through here let’s see fit through that one yeah these are kind of tight so we want to make them about that for like this first one here you want to test it with the hook and if you need to you can pull some of the cord through because it’s tight but it’ll allow you to adjust this loop so that’s pretty easy and then you can double check just to make sure that your hook goes through here so there’s one and it as you wear it this will open up a little bit too and there’s two okay so there’s that and then you can also and I got the fishhooked through their backwards because I had a twist in the bracelet hopefully I wasn’t out of the thing I might have been out of the camera frame there so just put it through here just like that and then check you might have a twist in there let’s see yeah I still have a twist so what we want to go the other way so if I can get that twist out there we go pull that through and there we go you’re always if you use this type of fishhook you’re always going to have this twist because this is sitting this though the eyelet is sitting this way and it’s not flipped this way so you always have a twist in there but what we’re going to do is we’re going to do another one of these constrictor knots on the other end and that will help with that twist so let’s do this again real easy to do grab about 1617 inches of micro cord microkorg works great for this I’m going to melt the ends real quick bake this up just and I’ll make sure I stay in frame for you this time I don’t know if I was in frame or not last time so this time we just have to hook in the way so we’re going to put our feed back in here like we did last time to give us that little gap run our cord to the left place fit on top and you want to make like a triangle so you’ve got your two base pair cords down here and then you put this fit on top and we’re just going to pinch up close to the fish hook and then we’re going to wrap this I think I did the other one eight times so we’re going to do eight on this one too I’m just going to pull this through a little bit there we go so we’re closer to the fish hook and we can slide that down to once we get it tied so it’s two three four five six seven and eight pull it well let’s slide this down closer to the fish hook there we go slide that down oops we just lost a few though that happens sometimes alright okay so we got four five six seven and eight pull the fit out make sure you’re holding onto the cord underneath otherwise it’s going to unravel and then we can slide our cord through just like that go ahead and pull it tight make sure you kind of go slow so that your cords all stay right where they need to that’s why I should have done the other one some of these cords got crossed on the other one and go go ahead and pull that as tight as you can all right now all we need to do is trim these ends off one I cut that one a little too long so I’m going to go back and see if I can’t cut that a little closer no that might be okay yeah I think I’m just going to leave that I’m going to leave that one frayed and then cut this one real close just like that that’s where it should be real nice and close so that when you hit it with this with the lighter it it kind of gets right in there Lert needs to and you’re not melting a whole ton of cord so you want to do something just like that nice and small won’t affect your skin and then see how some of these cords got crossed you can work that out you just have to kind of roll in your fingers you can work it out see that worked out pretty good we’re just going to tighten that a little more this guy cut sorry for the the camera I didn’t realize I was out of frame that bugs me I’m just going to tap it tap it you just barely want the flame to hit that spot just enough to where it seals up that end but I’m going to leave the other one because it reminds me of a fly like a fishing fly this little full spot right here let’s kind of frayed it will continue to fray just a little bit more but it reminds me of a fishing fly and then we’re going to do the same thing last one here got a little too much heat on that when I got out of my finger a little bit but there it is we’re just going to hook this in there what’s the first one yeah I might have made these loops a little too small but that’s okay if you make them small you can pull them through see I just pulled that through with the fishing hook by prying on it a little bit and there you have it there is the nautical fish hook bracelet and you can flip this inside out so that these are on the inside of your wrist just like that but but yeah hope you like this don’t forget this is micro cord on here we carry that I think we have jeez 60 different colors and patterns and the 550 cord and we have all kinds of different hooks that you can use and grab the Thor hammer we have anchors hooks different colors gold bronze silver so yeah be sure to check us out board paracord comm it’s all on there under hardware and then until next time don’t forget paracord on do me a quick favor and hit that subscribe button to your left there’s other great videos all the time and there’s a few to the right side of the screen and you can also buy paracord at our site with the link at the bottom left thank you again for watching

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