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550 Paracord стресс тест

На этом видео тест американского паракорда 550 на разрыв. Вес груза равен 450 фунтов или 204 килограмма.


Make a Nautical Style Paracord Bracelet

Hey everybody Today I want to show you a super easy nautical style bracelet with this fish hook closure real easy. I only have about two feet of cord here you can knock these out pretty quick so the first thing we’re going to do is take our fish hook and it has an eyelet. […]


How to Make a Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

you hey what’s up guys Tim here got another 2:12 for you today and we’re doing the mad max-style snake not so as you can see it’s just a snake not that is more or less done with a knot loop but done slightly differently so it is adjustable like the Mad Max style Cobra […]